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In today’s fast-paced world, a solid education is the key to success. Anyone can achieve great things, unlock new doors, and place a few dents in the universe provided they hold the key of education.

However, everyone is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the world of education, nor do two or three sizes. What if someone needs to go beyond the scope of the classroom? If a student needs a little extra help or a different explanation of a concept to better understand it, where can they turn? How do students pursuing unique opportunities outside the classroom find an alternative learning environment? What if someone has finished school and wants to revisit a subject or learn something new?

At Scott Baret Tutoring Services, the unique needs, learning styles, preferences, and strengths of each student are recognized. A customized learning environment is created for each student to maximize their potential. Whether students are looking to catch up or get ahead, Scott Baret’s passion for education has helped learners of all ages advance academically and in life, allowing them to succeed and make a positive difference in the ever-changing world.

Scott Baret serves the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA and offers instruction in all core subjects from grades K-8 as well as instruction in select high school and college courses, computer instruction, academic enrichment, homeschool consulting, and music lessons. Online tutoring is also offered for students living outside the Pittsburgh, PA region. Please see each tab for additional information. Call (412) 720-8845 today to register!


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